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Mapping aviation.

Aviamaps is modernizing general aviation with a unique real-time aviation map platform and easy-to-use flight planning tools.

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Aviamaps got more official status

Aviamaps replaced previous AUP/UUP and NAV WRNG charts. For more information, see AIC notification.

Save places and routes

Create free account to save places and routes.

Up-to-date NOTAMs

Airspace update today faster than ever before. Aviamaps fetches all data, including NOTAMs, every few minutes.

Night mode

You can use Aviamaps safely also when it's dark. Just choose the dark theme in the menu.

Real-time airspace information

Supplements, NOTAMs and AUP/UUP data are automatically updated, parsed and combined with static airspaces every 5 minutes. You know easily and precisely where you can or can't fly.

Route planning

Flight planning is easier and more versatile with handy route planning tools.

Weather information

METAR data in plain English and visually on map. Weather radar makes it even easier to predict the weather on-route.

Airplane locations

ADS-B/Mode S and FLARM equipped planes are shown on map in real time.

Aerial images

National Land Survey of Finland's aerial images make it easy to explore unknown landing areas beforehand.

Corrections for wind and magnetic declination

OFP document calculations are easy to do with Aviamaps tools.

AUP/UUP visible from 00:00 UTC

You don't need to wait until 06:00 UTC to see reserved areas. Today's upcoming areas are visible with dashed lines from 00:00 UTC.



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